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Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Natural Beauty♥

~Natural Beauty~
Soooooo i was blogging away and i came upon this contest that Mimi aka ( was holding that seemed easy enough....natural look...3 products only...sounds simple right? not sooo much... the trick was to be not only resourceful, but also creative with those 3 items in order to create the ultimate ♥NATURAL BEAUTY♥ and this is what i came up with...enjoy ladies... ♥

My acutal contest entry!! yayyy♥

This is as natural as it gets for me ladies...i loveeee me sooome sweats and a tank...ugggghh sooo this is me in my dorm room at night most of the time...natural baby...all natural...♥

So this is the 3 items that i used ladies...

- Jesse's Girl color disc/eyeshadow in earthtone...on eyelids as a light shadow, on cheeks, forehead, and nose as all over bronzer and to brighten the face a little, mixed it with clear gloss to make a golden lip gloss...

-savvy clear lip gloss from sally's

-Loreal' HIP cream liner in black for eyeliner and eyebrow fill.

and then we had a couple options for freebies...

-Black Opal foundation/concealer stick in hazelnut...all over my face and as a base for my eyes-

-nivea moisturizing lip balm as a base before lip gloss.

All the girls look soooo pretty...such natural beauties sooo i know this one is gonna be tough...i'm just glad i actually had the courage to enter a normally too shy with that type of stuff...sooo if anything im totally in it for the experience...yayyyy for my first contest EVER!!! :) Thanks for checking me out ladies. peace. XOXO &hearts


Diva Style said...

Girl you better get those shadows! ;-)

Alyssia said...

love it! and thanks for the comments on my blog =) OH and isn't that black opal creme stick the business?!!?! Just got it and LOVES it!

Anonymous said...

your pretty no homo!!

王菲Fay said...

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