Like you'll never see me again

Monday, December 15, 2008

"Its Not the Same Without You, My World Won't Spin Without You"

Hey Mamas!! I do apologize for being gone for"see what had happened was" here now! But yeah i am on Christmas break which is im at home which is okay...but uhh...too much fam sometimes is not a good look...i love my SPACE back at school..but its all good...only a couple more weeks! Plus im not exactly complaing..i'm loving the VACA from school work...but anyway it sucks cause mostly i just been working a lot<<<<----- (HENCE why i have been absent)..gotta pay for Christmas gifts somehow right?? But anyway i was having a bad day until the bf surprised me at work and took me to a movie and dinner! Awwww i know, i know! Don't you just LOVE when they ACT right! haha enjoy♥

My look for the night! I used....

  • MAC- Warm Eyes pallete: sweet joy and well spiced on lid and outer corner
  • HIP cream liner in BLACK
  • NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in MILK

  • UDPP
  • Adrell Falsies in #53 <<<<------LOVE THESE BABIES!


  • Ponds Daily Face Cream

  • Black Opal HD Finshing Powder
  • (didn't feel like wearing foundation today)

  • Physicans Formula Mineralized Bronzing Powder<<<---EFFIN' LOVE THIS SHIT! (review coming up soon ladies)


  • Nivea Moisturizing H20 lip balm

  • HIP Lip Gloss in Pertentious

  • Clear lip Gloss

And that was that ladies...soooo after the bf waited for about...uhhh...and hour for me to get ready we headed off to the movies! yayy for unexpected date nights! ♥

On the way to the movies!

Super random but i had to put this up...O M G...gas has gone down sooo much in Atlanta...yaaayyy..its $1.4o here...and yes ladies..this was $17 for my car...(and i was on E)..whoo whoo!

We went and saw Eagle Eye...super late...i know but i MUST SAY..ya'll know i love my boo...but my goodness SHIA LABEOUF is the SHIT...and he is the he could get it...ANYDAY!! lol...Then next was dinner...we always try and go places we have never been before..weird i know but its an "US" thing...haha so we went to this diner place food kinda sucked..ughh.. but its was so cute the way they decorated for Christmas..

I hate when hes on his phone at peeve

the Christmas tree...ppuurttyy and they had lights everywhere

bored as fuck...waiting for the food...pretty pointsettias

yummy yummy food in my tummy!

YES..i eat fries with a fork..don't judge

im such a fat better than it tasted...ugh

Now on to some other business that i need to take care of...i was can never get away from these things..haha but i was TAGGED by the lovlies...Mineral Maven, LaaLaa Online, and FRANCESCA!! 16 THINGS about me...UGH....OKAY LETS SEE HOW THIS GOES...HAHA

  1. I love to eat
  2. My favorite color is black
  3. My major is Chemistry/Biology
  5. Biggest fear is failing
  6. I effin' LOVE soft
  7. I love to dance...even tho i never know what the fuck im
  8. I don't drink or smoke..
  9. My mom is a twin....(*crosses fingers* i've always wanted to have skips a generation so i hope i get the gene!)
  10. I have a huge potty mouth...what??!! im bad at hiding my
  11. The bf and i have been dating for 3 years (my LONGEST relationship)
  12. I had perfect attendence throughout grade school... (WHAT..i just never got
  13. I HATE the outdoors
  14. I hate losing at board if i don't win..somethings what if im a sore loser!
  15. Im EXTREMELY paranoid about germs...not a neat freak..just a germaphobe...
  16. I have a shopping ADDICTION...i have a problem...i need

And there you have it tired...fuck going to bed...long ass day...oohh yeah...i tag who ever wants to do this shit!!! have fun ladies!!♥

XOXO, Courtney

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tag BITCH Your It!

Guess what??!! Yea yea, i was tagged!!! TWICE actually by the oh sooo gorgeous babes Elvie and LaaLaa!!

Answering the following questions with ONE WORD ANSWERS....

ummm...yeah right bitches...i talk too much for that shit..ima answer to the best of my ability..ya dig?

AND...i gotta tag 7 bitches....UUHHH....UMMM...

I just went down my blog list...but if any of you guys wanna do it...feel free!! i TAG EVERYONE!!! ♥

1. Where is your cell phone? IN MY CROTCH...SO I'LL KNOW WHEN IT VIBRATES...
2. Where is your significant other? DOWN THERE TOO....LOL
3. Your hair color? WELL THE WEAVE STORES SAYS ITS 1B....
4. Your mother? HOME
5. Your father? HOME
6. Your favorite thing? SEX
7. Your dream last night? ENDED TOO SOON
8. Your dream/goal? LIVE ANOTHER DAY
9. The room you're in? DORM ROOM
10. Your hobby? SHOP-O-HOLIC
11. Your fear? FAILING
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? HAPPY
13. Where were you last night? IN MY BED..STUDYIN
14. What you're not? BORING
15. One of your wish-list items? NEW PHONE
16. Where you grew up? MARIETTA
17. The last thing you did? TOOK A BREATH
18. What are you wearing? NOT ENOUGH
19. Your TV? ON
20. Your pet? NON-EXISTENCE
21. Your computer? CLEARLY IN USE
22. Your mood? HORNY..LOL
23. Missing someone? NEVER THAT
24. Your car? NEEDS TO BE WASHED
25. Something you're not wearing? ENOUGH CLOTHING
26. Favorite store? F21
27. Your summer? NOT LONG ENOUGH
28. Love someone? ALWAYS
29. Your favorite color? BLACK
30. When is the last time you laughed? 1 HOUR AGO
31. Last time you cried? LAST WEEK
32. Are you a bitch? CAN BE
33. Favorite Position? ON MY BACK...OF COURSE..LOL
34. Favorite Past Time? BLOGGING
35. Are you a hater or a lover? ITS ALL LOVE BABY..
37. Are you genuine or fake? DEFINE FAKE...
39. Pro Life or Wire Hanger? PRO LIFE
41. Pro Plastic or Natural? HHMMM...DEFINE PLASTIC...


XOXO, Courtney

Friday, December 5, 2008

Green with Envy..Perhaps??

Lovers! Can i first just say THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!! lol Sooooo today i was feeling kinda sorta green...maybe cause its friday...which of course we all know = PAYDAY!!! Which =MONEY IN THE BANK! and we ALL love that! haha...ENJOY!

The Magic...

  • UD Primer Potion
  • NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow in MILK
  • 120 Pallete: green on half of lid, then darker green on the outer half, then a darker darker green in the crease, then a ubber light green as a highlight... :)
  • HIP Cream eyeliner in black
  • Adrell falsies
  • Lips: HIP lip gloss in pertentious, then clear on top
  • Face: Black Opal foundation stick in hazelnut

And don't yall just fucking heart that green scarf!!??? hahaha i KNOW i do...i loovvvee scarves, i feel like they really complete the they turn a boring outfit into the shit! haha i got this scarf at GAP...if you seen the commercials you know they have a shitload of scarves, all different colors....hope ya'll enjoy your weekends!! peace and out.

XOXO, Courtney

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Loverrsss! Whats really good with ya'll? Hope everyone is doing well...uhhh i can't even begin to tell you guys how busy i have sooo over school...its not even funny...its like taking over my life...uuhhh...sooo im certain you can already tell that i am uber **EXCITIED** for the Christmas Break...cause after that...come start...THANK GOD!...sooo between all the hetic studying the bf , our couple friends and I all went out to get some wings.....Now i must say...i normally am not a big fan of wings...but uh...this place near our university has them for $0.35! yeah...FREAKIN' 35 cent...uh there...and then they have like tons and tons of different fuck yeah i went...the bf and friends dragged me outta bed cause i was that will explain my raunchiness!

Our couple friends..Katie and her bf Pierre....we known them since freshman year..a lot of tears and laughs with these ya'll
I love this pic!! lol do you like my zebra flats? lol i especially like how they DON'T match my told ya'll i was sick and pulled outta bed!! haha give me a break!

my boo watching the game and waiting to be seated...uuhh we thought were the only ppl who knew about the 35 cent wings...haha YEAH THE FUCK RIGHT...the whole freakin school was there..GREAT...
*munch*much* he got lemon pepper, hot wings, and barbecue...damn..boys can

haha she was the only one ready...haha loves it..

ooohh yeah...i look REAL "cute" i STUFF my they can't all be pretty know can they?

ma boo

Sooo that was the other night...and now that this week is coming to an end...finals week is next...ugghhh.....i bet you guys can all imagine how excited i AM!!! yayyyy NOT....but feeling a lot better so i took a couple of pics today out of pure boredem and not wanting to study for finals...yayy for being the MOTHERFUCKING PRINCESS of procrastination!!! :)

uuhh...not quite...the perfect pic...

uurrr...still not quite why is it us girls are ALWAYS ready for a pic??!!!

ooohh these boys...not perfect...but who is? i'll take it...♥

yayy for awkward mirror poses...

didn't do anything special with the eyes this morning...ugghhh thanks to my dumbass i woke up late for my 8 am....yet i wasnt "late" enough to throw on some dark blue shadow...haha yeah my priorites are most defintely straight...right?
I LOVE this fit...beacuse it is sooo American Eagle..go coop those if you dont feel like paying an arm and leg for UGGS...

Whats really really really good??

Sooo yes...i think that is enough avoiding of my studies...ugghhh back to the books...but i will probably be on this all night...cause like i priorities are ohhh sooo straight.haha...♥ ya'll.....peace and out...

XOXO, Courtney

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love is in the Air...

Hello lovers! Hope you all are well...the holidays are approaching and the school semseter is ending and i swear i feel like im overloaded with work and shcool and just all the excitment with all the new things...hope this doesn't last long....i don't do well with stress and pressure...ugghh...but i finally got a chance to breathe..and what do it do?? BLOG of course...i have to fill you guys in with all that has been going on in my crazzyyy life...first a couple of weekends ago the bf and i were in a wedding...ooohhh fun fun!! it really was we had a blast! But i was sick...of course...ugghh...guess all the running around was gonna catch up with me at some point...anyway enough chatter...i will let the pictures do the talking...♥

Trying out a new like??

Peace up. A-town down.

Driving to the wedidng rehersal...


Bridesmaids..confusion at its best...oh and we are wearing the groomsmen

Much better ladies♥

Gangsta Lovin'...haha

"I do it for" was a blast! well minus my it was TERRIBLE...i was coughing and sneezing at the alter..haha....*cough cough* but i should be back posting regualrly after my finals...thanks for dropping by! Love you guys♥