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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Makeup Rehearsal!!!!

Yayyyy Halloween is in like a few hours!!! I heart halloween!!! I am doing a couple of my friend's makeups and i am soooo excited...but one of my friend's is going to be a fairy...her costume is like pink, blue, and purplish....sooooo i thought what a great chance for me to use some bright fun colors on her and for me to use my Urban Decay pallete that i SWEAR i never use...why...couldn't tell im about to make some use of that shit i decided to do a quick makeup-run on me so i dont fuck up on feel me?? pics below....♥EnJoy♥

OOOHHH yeah and PLEASE excuse my face....eyebrows...lips....really it was about the think i did alright if i do say sooo my self...haha but forreal not too shabby...hope my friend likes it...thanks for stopping by!!! ♥

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Study Break!!!!!

Sooooooo.......I have been studying my ass ooffff for this anatomy test tomorrow...and i decided to take a study blog...of't stay away for long....but i really wanted to blog about my shirt that i was wearing today...Its is the GAP (PRODUCT) RED shirt. When i saw this i knew i had to get it because, purchasing it actually serves more of a purpose then me just looking yeah the specific red shirt that i purchased from GAP... is the (2 WEEKS) shirt...and buying the shirt allowed me to give 2 weeks of AIDS medicine in Africa...I LOVE this idea because in case ya'll didn't i am ♥ NIGERIAN♥ so i gotta support my people!!! lol ♥ enjoy♥ plus pics from my study break...Oh...and sorry guys no LOTD....too busy studying...but don't got ya'll tomorrow! ♥

My roomie!!! Love her! :)

So yeah...that was my study break...well gotta get back to hitting the books....couldn't get away for too long...thanks for stopping by! ♥ you guys!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daaamnnnn....Its ONLY Tuesday....smh...

HoLa!!! How is everyone??!! So the week has started off kinda sucky...3 test..this week in college terms that means ummm...library alllllll day and night...head stuck in the big monkey anyway through all the crazy studying and such...couldn't ignore my priorities are so straight...right? lol...anyway all work and no play is soooo not where its leads to wrinkles...and we can't have that now can we?? a look a of the day and outfit for you guys....♥eNjOy♥

wHo.... SaId wHat...WhEn...wEaR??

♥Top: Wet Seal♥

♥Leggings: F21♥

♥Sweater: Old Navy♥

♥Scarf: Target♥

♥Ma Boo♥

Its getting cold in Georgia....YAYYYY you guys know what that those cute summer wedges and dresses in the closet and whip out those cute knee high boots and sweaters!! need some new boots...any suggestions??? Im still trying to figure out this whole new makeup trend for the winter...ugghhh dark lips and smokey eye?? uhhh...yeah i gotta look into that one cause i don't think that i look that great with dark lips...ohh well.....guess is will see...i would LOVE any suggestions or comments from you guys about that...or hell whatever...♥ ya'll...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pre-Halloween Party Bitches!!!

Heyyyyy lovers!!! sorry i was gone for is kicking my ass....urrgghhh...but anyway thats why i was SOOOOO excited to get dressed up and go to this pre-halloween party!!! I aplogize now in advance...this post is extremely ♥PIC♥ heavy! But hey, i figure i can SHOW you the night better than i can tell you...right?? Enjoy bitches♥

♥My rag doll look♥

♥My boo♥ he was Rambo lol


Lol please excuse the BF in the background

A- town down bitches!!!

They can't all be can they??

♥My top bitch for life♥


Straight hookers!! lol

Random wierdo

♥Goodnight Lovers♥

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ponds Daily Cream Review...

Hola LOVERS!!! SOOOO....i have been FOREVER...for a good face cream that will help with dark circles and just give me that overall "GLOW" that we would all kill for...well....i didn't quite find that...but this is close enough....


This shit is the bomb dot really good but as all face creams we have our **PROS** and most defintely our **CONS**

♥PROS♥ : Smells really good, soft on skin, very easy to rub in to skin, little goes a long way, cheap, see results in skin with in days

:( CONS :( : so because this is for dry skin, it almost mosisturizes too much...if that makes any sense..sometimes i feel like my skin is kinda oily...kinda heavy on skin...

OVERALL:: i think this is the shit!!! but forreal its really good...granted i use it for a night cream and i have seen great results and ive been using it for like 3 weeks you smooth talkin' a babies' ass smooth..PLUS..this bitch is cheap...i mean i'm not down for spending $100 dollars for some daily cream..uhh hello i have college tuition to pay for bitches.. ya feel me...get real...lmao..but forreal though i loves it♥ and the BF does too...soooo YAYYY for Pond's dry skin cream...i give it a 9 out of 10!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Time!!!!!

Hello lovers!!! One of my favorite holidays is totally Halloween! I mean scary mask, screaming kids, candy, haunted houses, cavities...whats not to love??!! And of course as every year i HAVE to whore it out!! Its the one day of the year where you can look like a complete SLUT and no one can say ANYTHING to you....I LOVES IT!! I had my heart set on being a disney princess, but then when i saw this costume i knew i had to do it!!!!


Originally i just liked it cause its soooo effin' ♥CUTE♥but then i thought about how SICK the makeup would be for this costume..i mean i need a totally ♥DOLLED♥ up look!! I'm talking big dolled eyes, long lashes, big rosey red cheeks..if you guys have any other awesome ideas for doll looks i could TOTALLY use some more....I love it and can't wait!!!! I heart you guys♥

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mario Badescu Haul♥

Hello My loves!!! SOOOOOO i heard from my love Nicole, who heard from Ren Ren that you could get free samples from MARIO BADESCU just from doing a super quick survey on their website(! It thought it was a lie at first...cause lets face it...NOTHING in this world is free...but then i decided what did i have to lose....and this is what i came out with....

My package&Hearts;

Super Duper excited ME!!!

Cucumber Lotion!

My Goodies!


Cleansing Gel!!



The Goodies!!

Strawberry Scrub!!

Eye Gel!!

Vitamin hand cream!!


I haven't gotten a chance to use all these items yet but they seem great and i can't wait to use them and let you guys know how they turn out!!! I heart you guys!! ♥♥