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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Time!!!!!

Hello lovers!!! One of my favorite holidays is totally Halloween! I mean scary mask, screaming kids, candy, haunted houses, cavities...whats not to love??!! And of course as every year i HAVE to whore it out!! Its the one day of the year where you can look like a complete SLUT and no one can say ANYTHING to you....I LOVES IT!! I had my heart set on being a disney princess, but then when i saw this costume i knew i had to do it!!!!


Originally i just liked it cause its soooo effin' ♥CUTE♥but then i thought about how SICK the makeup would be for this costume..i mean i need a totally ♥DOLLED♥ up look!! I'm talking big dolled eyes, long lashes, big rosey red cheeks..if you guys have any other awesome ideas for doll looks i could TOTALLY use some more....I love it and can't wait!!!! I heart you guys♥


XtinaMarie said...

Haha! Looks super cute, make sure you take lotsa pics on halloween!