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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mario Badescu Haul♥

Hello My loves!!! SOOOOOO i heard from my love Nicole, who heard from Ren Ren that you could get free samples from MARIO BADESCU just from doing a super quick survey on their website(! It thought it was a lie at first...cause lets face it...NOTHING in this world is free...but then i decided what did i have to lose....and this is what i came out with....

My package&Hearts;

Super Duper excited ME!!!

Cucumber Lotion!

My Goodies!


Cleansing Gel!!



The Goodies!!

Strawberry Scrub!!

Eye Gel!!

Vitamin hand cream!!


I haven't gotten a chance to use all these items yet but they seem great and i can't wait to use them and let you guys know how they turn out!!! I heart you guys!! ♥♥


Blogger said...

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Anonymous said... these products work okay?