Like you'll never see me again

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sooooo over the week or so i have been a very very bad girl....especially to my poor college student pockets...but who can ignore the addiction...i know all you makeup junkies feel to the CCO (where i met my AWESOME new makeup buddy shout outs to my girl Puja lol ), MAC store, and Ulta...

Left to right:
  • MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Gold Deposit
  • MAC eyeshadow in Beauty Marked
  • MAC eyeshadow in Signed and Sealed
  • MAC pigment in Off The Radar
  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation Stick In NC50
  • MAC Pro Palette (empty ,15)
  • NYX Jumbo eyeshadow sticks in Lemon, Yogurt, Pacific

Need any reviews or have quesitons on these products just leave me a comment!!! :)

XOXO, Courtney♥♥

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Break is Near...

HENCE!!!! the gym becoming my bestfriend!! lol..yall know what i mean...i mean im not trying to go stick skinny, cause thats just not me...but i am at least trying to tone up...i mean...lets be serious...gotta SEX IT UP for spring break!!! sooooo i went night jogging tonight with the bf...which was....mmm....a struggle! never been night jogging before...always just hit the treadmill...but i ACTUALLY..LOVE IT!!! its very refreshing and the cold air was sooo nice against my hot sweaty moist skin (soooo not in a sexual way...more like a super gross i need a fucking shower way lol) so it was cool think im going to start doing this everynight (or at least try...a bitch get lazy now and then lol) up until spring break...and HELL even after so i can keep healthy..or see how long this last....

My Inspiration:

Kim. K...this bitch.....bad...enough said....


Keyshia C....this bitch...just as bad....enough said...

till next time dolls!!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

L is for the way you look at me...O is for the only one i see

Hey Dolls!!! Hope everyone had a fantab V-day!!!! I did the boo and i had an awesome time!!! we did it totally simple this year because for the past 2 years we been doing big ballin' type shit buying eachother expensive shit and going on vacation we did it simple and it was awesome i couldnt have asked for a better time just because i was with him...i loved it..♥

First i woke up to him cleaning my apt....WHAT was that? YES ladies...he CLEANED MY i even have proof!!

I was like aaawwww booooooo...and thennnnn he told me to get dressed to a night at the movies and for dinner! sooo sweet

my fit...had to bust out the red HELLO in the spirit of V-DAY!!! and umm.dunno why my mirror is sooo excuse that i guess the boo missed a spot...but its totally the thought that counts..♥

on the way the movies and dinner! yayy!

lmao...saw this at the movies and i CANT WAIT to see this shitt....omg..funniest movies ever!

longgg day...but its not ovverr yet....sooo we are driving back to school so i thought...and the bf pulls up in front of a tattoo place and im like wtf are we doing here and hes like we are here to get the piercing you have been wanting...i was like...oooohhhh awweeesoommeee!!! even though i wasnt totally mentally prepared for the pain...i was like shhhiiittt when in Rome right??!! sooo i did the shitttt!!! can ya'll guess what i got!!!???

♥MY TRAGUS♥ whooo whoooo i loovvvee it!! hurt like a bitch but its totally worth it!!!! :)

and for those of you who are like WTF is a tragus piercing...its this right

XOXO, Courtney!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pack The House in Pink!

Hey! Guys!! my apologies for being absent for a week or so....uughhh i swear its like all my professors decided to put all their test in one absence..the library and i have become close friends this past SOOOOO even though i SHOULD be studying...i went to my school's basketball game tonight...which was funnnn....because tonight we were "Packing The House in Pink"! Everyone was either dressed or painted in pink in order to support breast cancer was of course i had to attend and support!! check out the pics!

People in their Pink!!!

me and ma boo!

Go! Fight! Win!!

LMAO @ half-time sumo wrestlers

Yayyyy!!!! We won!! not by much...but i'll take it...

MY LOOK OF THE NIGHT!! wanted to do something PINK....but with a Twist...

Goodnight Lovers!!!!

XOXO, Courtney<33

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flexi Rods=♥LOVE♥

Lovvverrrss!!! whats good? Well you guys left such sweeeeet comments on one of my past post on my hair, and a couple of you guys had questions about how i did my hair..well i can't take all the credit...i must give it to my new found love...FLEXI RODS...everyone has been raving about i thought what the heck i'll try them out....and i LOVE them...below i will show you guys how i create my bouncy curls using flexi rods...and YES...i have weave...and LOOOVVE IT!! :)

You'll Need:
  • Fexi Rods- (11inch in order to fit the lenght of my weave)
  • CHI Silk Infusion A.K.A. the SHIIIITTTT
  • Flat Iron
  • Oil Sheen Spray

Take a good-size piece of your hair..

Grab your handy dandy silk infusion...

small the size of a dime...a little goes a LOONG way..

Rub through your hair

take the flat iron through your hair..

Then start to ROLL...I start from down up...

Keep rollin....and rollin..

then i roll my rods into a lil snail like ball... :)

continue around your entire guys are doing great! lol

Then i spray my hair with oil-sheen..i use MOTIONS...then i wrap my hair for bed...til morning...

Good morning all...time to unravail...yayy :)


What you know bout' them flexi rod curls?? lol

yayyy and your done!! perfect flexi rod curls...simple right??? lol

XOXO, Courtney!!