Like you'll never see me again

Monday, February 16, 2009

L is for the way you look at me...O is for the only one i see

Hey Dolls!!! Hope everyone had a fantab V-day!!!! I did the boo and i had an awesome time!!! we did it totally simple this year because for the past 2 years we been doing big ballin' type shit buying eachother expensive shit and going on vacation we did it simple and it was awesome i couldnt have asked for a better time just because i was with him...i loved it..♥

First i woke up to him cleaning my apt....WHAT was that? YES ladies...he CLEANED MY i even have proof!!

I was like aaawwww booooooo...and thennnnn he told me to get dressed to a night at the movies and for dinner! sooo sweet

my fit...had to bust out the red HELLO in the spirit of V-DAY!!! and umm.dunno why my mirror is sooo excuse that i guess the boo missed a spot...but its totally the thought that counts..♥

on the way the movies and dinner! yayy!

lmao...saw this at the movies and i CANT WAIT to see this shitt....omg..funniest movies ever!

longgg day...but its not ovverr yet....sooo we are driving back to school so i thought...and the bf pulls up in front of a tattoo place and im like wtf are we doing here and hes like we are here to get the piercing you have been wanting...i was like...oooohhhh awweeesoommeee!!! even though i wasnt totally mentally prepared for the pain...i was like shhhiiittt when in Rome right??!! sooo i did the shitttt!!! can ya'll guess what i got!!!???

♥MY TRAGUS♥ whooo whoooo i loovvvee it!! hurt like a bitch but its totally worth it!!!! :)

and for those of you who are like WTF is a tragus piercing...its this right

XOXO, Courtney!


princessvalecia said...

aww you two are adorable

Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup said...

Hey Girlie
well from over viewing your blog for awhile and your latest post. You have a Keeper! I love when my Sweetie clean's and help out.

Yas said...

Girl that piercing is hot! :) He cleaned your place? That right there made me know that he's a sweety! I'm so glad you had a wonderful v'day! I'm gonna tell you again that you guys are one great looking couple!

Niika said...

aww someone enjoyed themselves =] love the piercing =]

PiinkCupcakez said...

awwww he cleaned?? that's sooo cute!
love the v-day look and that piercing.. hottness!

Anonymous said...

Damn, he one good man.
Looked good babes, Ahhh I love Tyler Perry movies fucking amazing.
And that piercing Ive always wanted one but I'm scared haha.

Francesca said...

I've wanted that piercing too... but i heard the pain is just ridiculous.
I've done my navel, my nose and my tongue.... none of em is pure cartilage.

Looks good, and your man is super cute cleaning your place. Tell'em to go get that spot on your miror haha♥

Princess Katrina said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SOOOOOO CUTE! I want to see that movie sooo bad! The piercing is super hot too!

I'm so happy that you have an amazing V-Day!!!

jenn said...

aww tooo sweet!!
I love it!!when I catch dudes doing stuff like that..

ohlalaitsamd said...

thats tooo b/f's sweet but i dnt think I'll ever wake up to something that sweet lol..maybe if I'm on my deathbed will he think to clean up for me..and I want that piercing soo bad but have really bad luck w/ those kinda things..looks good tho =)

FabDiva20 said...

Aw, both of you look so cute together!! I love your blog!! Your makeup is amazing!! You kinda remind me of myself.

王菲Fay said...

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