Like you'll never see me again

Friday, November 7, 2008

Love Pink♥

Lovers!!!! ooohhh how i've missed you all...ugh...ive been busy with worthless school..blah blah over it. can't wait til Christmas break!! But anywho...i was feelin kinda pink i came up with this look....i like it...what ya'll think??


♥urban decay primer potion♥

♥white pencil as a white base♥

♥hip duo in rascal (pink side)♥

♥napoleon hot pink color disc (outter crease)♥

♥ HIP duo black eyeliner♥

♥adrell falsies in #53...ugh love these babies♥

And thats my love pink lovin' it!!! how about you??


Nikki S. Arrrrrra said...

it looks like you used fishnet from the Deluxe Palette... very pretty :)

diamondsinchampagne said...

LOVE LOVE how you did your eyes.
Love the colour of your lip gloss to.

Anonymous said...

WELL pink is my favourite colour sooo there is no wrong in pink make-up in my eyes lol
But I just love how the colours go really well, BEAUTIFUL look !! I might need to copy this :]

Joi said...

Loving the purple!

Ms.Bunny said...

hella flyy, love your style!