Like you'll never see me again

Friday, August 21, 2009

I Know You Missed Me♥

Back...with AWESOME NEWS!! i hope you all have been lovely!! how i have missed you all dearly!! well to start off...i have recently moved soooo PLUS i started school this week...PLUS ive been working...soooo all of that has kept me pretty darn busy! But basically everything has been GREAT! Life is good! Just making some touch up finishes on my new place :) still need to go to an awesome trip to the beach this summer and picked up waayy too much M.A.C...Haul coming soon....and my boyfriend is AWESOME! he bought me a new and imporved camera for my birthday sooo i will be back with some sharp image pictures! whoo whoo! SPEAKING OF MY BIRTHDAY!! the most important news thus far....i recently TURNED 21!!!!! WHOOO WHOOO SO LIFE ISNT GOOD...ITS GREAT!!! CHECK THE PICS FOR MY 21st CELEBRATION BELOW....♥ENJOY♥

My Birthday Suit :)
bottoms up!
classic smokey eye never fails ;)

My Bitches!

me and the Dj from the club...and my friend in my

My girls!

my ♥KILLER♥ shoes!!

Yayyy me!!! im 21! im 21! im 21!! who wants a drink?! lol

♥ always,


Chels said...

yay ur back! happy belated bday, love the dress!

ERiCA said...


Meya said...

very sexy pics! The birthday suit is gorgeous! cheers to a great b'day!! yay!! you can legally drink now lol

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! :) you look great & had fun, that's always a plus!


Bombchell said...

aww u ladies look nice

GoldBeauty88 said...

happy belated birthday!

you look goregous in that dress :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh i see you girl with you LBD and your tattas all out and looking chic missy.

hope you had a great day, by the looks of it my fellow '88 baby you did miss you ily.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new camera and happy b-day! That dress looks so pretty!

rayqueenbee said...

Happy belated birthday, u definitely did it major for your super 21...Fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

I'm turning 21 in a week....VERY excited....:)

Anonymous said...

You looked so fab!

Krystia said...

I can see that you rocked out and drank up! Happy Belated Birthday!